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Desh Ki Raunak Campaign by Kajaria Plywood: Setting New Standards

Kajaria Plywood, a renowned name in the plywood industry, proudly announces the successful execution of the “Desh Ki Raunak 2.0” campaign, done in collaboration with Socio Street Advertisement. Expanding on the remarkable response garnered during its initial phase, this innovative campaign has mesmerized audiences nationwide, establishing unprecedented benchmarks in engagement and impact.

Unveiling Desh Ki Raunak 2.0: Elevating Audience Connections

The initial phase of “Desh Ki Raunak” garnered exceptional positive feedback and extensive media coverage. Through diverse contests and interactive initiatives, the campaign facilitated meaningful interactions with our audience, reaffirming Kajaria Plywood’s dedication to quality, innovation, and community engagement.

Building on Success: Desh Ki Raunak 2.0 Revealed

Following the triumphant reception of the inaugural phase, Kajaria Plywood and Socio Street Advertisement are delighted to introduce “Desh Ki Raunak 2.0,” marking a continuation of our quest to honor the vibrant essence of our nation. This new phase introduces exciting features, including vox pop interviews with genuine audience members and captivating influencer-driven videos, aimed at amplifying the campaign’s outreach and influence.

Leadership Insight: Embracing Evolution

Mr. Shyam Shekhawat, COO of Kajaria Ply & Laminates, expresses his excitement for the campaign’s progression, stating, “We are thrilled by the overwhelming success of ‘Magnificent 7, Desh ki Raunak.’ The tremendous engagement and positive feedback during the first phase motivated us to take this campaign to new heights. By incorporating authentic voices and influencer perspectives, we aim to foster deeper connections with our audience and celebrate the essence of India’s cultural diversity.”

Upholding Values: Quality, Sustainability, and Community Empowerment

Throughout the campaign, Kajaria Plywood remains steadfast in upholding its core principles of quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and community empowerment. Through strategic partnerships and innovative narratives, the company continues to inspire and uplift communities across the nation.

Engaging Audiences: Celebrating India’s Architectural Legacy

As a pivotal element of the campaign, a curated collection of captivating posts and stories highlights various facets of India’s architectural heritage, from the rich history of temples to their intricate architecture and profound cultural significance. Leveraging the expansive reach of social media platforms, the campaign endeavors to engage a diverse audience, fostering a deep appreciation for India’s architectural legacy.

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