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Amulya Mica Hosts Distributors & Dealers Meet in Bengaluru on 24th March 2024

Amulya Mica recently organized an engaging gathering for its distributors and dealers in South India at their newly opened warehouse in Bengaluru. The event, which took place at Hotel Chancery Pavilion Bengaluru on March 24th, 2024, marked the launch of two exciting catalogues featuring Solid Colors.

Introduction and Ceremonial Start

The gathering commenced with a ceremonial lighting ceremony, followed by Ganesh Vandana and the national anthem, setting a positive and auspicious tone for the event.

Unveiling New Warehouse and Catalogues

The main objective of the gathering was to acquaint delegates with the newly inaugurated warehouse facility and introduce them to the latest catalogues. Notable attendees included Mr. Amit Poddar and Mr. Bikas Poddar from Radheshyam Laminates, Bangalore; Mr. Vishnu Pacheria from Nikita Plylam, Vizag; Mr. Vijay Karaveerashetter from Karaveer Agencies, Hubli; Mr. Pawan Kumar from Vaishnavi Agencies, Hyderabad; Mr. Gangaram Choudhury from Srirama Marketing, Chennai; and Mr. Aman Jain from S.K. Agency, among others. The management team and sales representatives from Amulya Mica, including MD Mr. Rakesh Agarwal and Executive Director Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, warmly welcomed and interacted with the delegates.

Warehouse Tour and Product Range

Delegates were given a tour of the spacious new warehouse located in Hobli Kumblagodu, Bengaluru urban, which boasts three times the capacity of its predecessor. Stocked with a comprehensive range of products including plywood, laminates, PVC boards, door frames, PVC laminates, and cladding, the warehouse ensures prompt delivery services covering Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The facility, equipped with modern logistics infrastructure, promises efficient operations and reliable service to customers.

Introduction of New Catalogues

Following the warehouse tour, a meeting was convened at Hotel Chancery Pavilion Bengaluru to introduce two new catalogues: “Amulya Mica 1mm Solid Colour Collection – CYANO” and “Saket Mica Solid Colour – Monochrome”. These collections redefine elegance, blending style, innovation, and meticulous craftsmanship. Mr. Raja Gopal Pillai, VP-South and West, provided insights into the new collections, highlighting their captivating array of solid colors and diverse interior applications. The Amulya Mica collection offers an extensive variety of 115 pieces, 51 d├ęcor papers, and 11 textures, while the Saket Mica collection boasts an impressive variety of 101 pieces, 44 papers, and 11 textures, catering to different preferences and design needs.

Company Commitment and Innovation

During the presentation, Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, Executive Director, emphasized the company’s commitment to efficiency and innovation. He highlighted the uniqueness of Amulya Mica’s products, industry trends such as the growing demand for solid colors, particularly pastel shades, and the company’s adherence to quality standards, including E0 plywood certification from California.

MD’s Gratitude and Encouragement

MD Mr. Rakesh Agarwal expressed gratitude to the delegates and welcomed new channel partners, reaffirming Amulya Mica’s dedication to growth, expansion, and quality assurance. He shared insights into ongoing projects, emerging product trends like WPC/PVC door and frame, certifications like SGS certificate, and the company’s CSR initiatives. Assuring sufficient stock availability in the new warehouse, he encouraged delegates to extend Amulya Mica’s reach across South India.


The event concluded with a delightful gala dinner, accompanied by music and presentations of tokens of appreciation, marking a successful and memorable gathering for Amulya Mica and its esteemed partners.

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