Amulya Mica conducted dealers meet at Vijayawada

Amulya Mica had organized Dealers meet at Centre Side Hotel, Vijayawada on 1st /July23.  The meet was organized to launch new 1mm & 1.25mm Catalogue 23-24(Inspired by World) among architects.

The company’s Sr. V.P. Marketing- South & West Mr. Pillai, Deputy B.M. Vijayawada Mr. I. Venkateswara Reddy, RSM Bangalore Mr. Vivek Kedia, Sr. Sales Executive Vijayawada Mr. P. Sriharsa, Vijayawada distributor of Amulya Mica and Amulya WPC Mr. Sundaraiah Reddy (Sneha Plywood Centre) & Plywood distributor Mr. Gurubrahman( Durga Plylam ) along with other team members had welcomed more than 100 delegates  of Vijayawada region.

Mr. Reddy briefed company’s all products ranges plywood, laminates, WPC/PVC lead free board, Door Frame, cladding and about imperial laminates collection, Its USP and its benefits, which differentiate with others, at the same time company’s CSR activities and award & recognition. They also explained company’s shop-in-shop concept. The concept of Shop in Shop is about Opening an Experience Center in a designated area, provided by dealer inside his shop/showroom, display full sheets of imperial laminates collection, Amulya mica’s premium laminate range.

Mr. Pillai had thanked all the dealers for their gracious presence and strong bonding with Amulya. He also committed to the house to always provide not only innovative and high-end products, but also the products for different income classes.

In the event a new 1mm catalogue-23-24 was launched. Mr. Pillai explained what is new in the 1mm catalogue. It is theme based, inspired by the world, using imported European paper and 34 new colors added. Further they explained some of the new features which are incorporated in this catalogue like 1.25mm thickness of Imperial Laminates along with Digital Laminates collection is included for ready reference, QR code etc.

Mr. Pillai also explained about the new Amulya Scratch+ laminate which is a new version of Amulya Plus laminate. Due to the high gloss level, scratch problems mostly come. So, after so much R & D by Amulya team, we are successfully able to make scratch resistant laminate, maintaining high gloss level. Our Amulya Scratch laminate is very similar to Merino’s MR+. It is tested in the lab. Our USP is that our gloss level is very high, scratch resistant and at the same time our rate is also low in comparison to Merino MR+. Very soon the company is planning to bring a separate catalogue of Amulya Scratch+ laminate.

All delegates took active involvement in going through catalogue. They appreciated Amulya Mica new catalogue, its design, and its new features. The event was ended by following gala Dinner, music, dance & gift presentation.

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